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February 15, 2015


Announcing the Golden Rice South Asia Tour

Commencing March 4 to March 20 the Allow Golden Rice Campaign will tour the Philippines, Bangladesh, and India where vitamin A deficiency is a major cause of child mortality.

Two million children and many mothers die each year from a lack of this essential vitamin. It is the greatest cause of child death today. Golden Rice is the obvious cure, but because it was created with genetic science Greenpeace and the anti-GMO movement fervently oppose it.

On August 8, 2013, Greenpeace instigated the destruction of Golden Rice scientific field trials at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines. The Allow Golden Rice Society is actively campaigning for the approval of Golden Rice so it can be delivered to the 200 million children who are deficient in vitamin A.

"If Golden Rice were a cure for cancer, malaria, or Ebola, it would have been approved 10 years ago. In that time 20 million people, mostly children, have died.

This is a crime against humanity," stated Dr. Patrick Moore, leader of the campaign. "All we ask is that Greenpeace and their allies make an exception for Golden Rice to their opposition to GM crops", continued Dr. Moore. "Millions of lives are at stake."

The members of the of the Golden Rice South Asia Tour are:

Horst Rehberger (Germany) a senior politician who had held Cabinet positions in State Government. He supports biotechnology and nuclear energy, contrary to the majority in Germany.

Uwe Schrader (Germany) a PhD in biology, expert in biotechnology, Head of InnoPlanta, a partnership of farmers and scientists working to promote biotechnology.

Hans-Jörg Jacobsen (Germany) Head of Plant Biotechnology , Institute of Plant Genetics of Leibniz University of Hanover. He is a member of the board of the Nature Conservation Forum Germany (NaFor), chairman of the Society of Plant Biotechnology.

Eileen Moore (Canada) An early campaigner with Greenpeace. Represents families and women for the Allow Golden Rice campaign.

Paul Evans (Australia) Paul has joined the campaign recently to provide communications, social media, and website support. He is a member of the Galileo Movement in Australia.

Dr. Patrick Moore (Canada) Ecologist and Former Greenpeace Director, Now Leader and Spokesperson for the Allow Golden Rice Campaign. 



 Our Impact


At a glance:

  • Who is the Allow Golden Rice Society?
  • How is the Allow Golden Rice Society funded?
  • Why does the campaign focus on Greenpeace?
  • Why is Greenpeace opposed to Golden Rice?
  • If the problem is in Africa and Asia why campaign in Europe?
  • Why is Golden Rice different from other GMOs?
  • What research proves Golden Rice is effective and safe?
  • What research supports GMOs as safe in general?
  • How can the Golden Rice Now! Campaign make a difference?

Recent Media

French media give extensive coverage following demonstration and public Symposium in Paris. ...more.

Main left-wing newspaper in Germany declares support for Golden Rice following Golden Rice Now press conference ...more

German poll reveals under-30 demographic supports Golden Rice by 2 to 1 ...more

Vancouver philanthopist Cary Pinkowski is welcomed to the Board of Directors...more


Campaign Leader

Dr. Patrick Moore is a Phd ecologist, award-winning scientist, author and educator. He believes the opponents of Golden Rice have no evidence to justify a ban on researching and developing it, as it is a food that could end untold human suffering and the death of millions of people. Read his articles:
Rebuttal of the Soil Association's Position
Has Greenpeace Lost its Moral Compass?
Anti-GMO Fables, Fabrications, Falsehoods, Fantasies & Phobias

Organizations Involved in the Development
of Golden Rice

The Golden Rice Humanitarian Board
The International Rice Research Institute
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Helen Keller International
United States Agency for International
Development (USAID)
US National Institutes of Health
The Rockefeller Foundation
Bayer CropScience
Syngenta Foundation
Philippine Rice Research Institute
Bangladesh Rice Research Institute
Biosafety Resources Network
Biotechnology Institute of the Philippines
Seed Stories

These organizations believe Golden Rice is safe and is the most promising solution to end vitamin A deficiency.



Organizations who say GM is safe

The American Medical Association
The American Assn for the Advancement of Science
The World Health Organization
The National Academy of Sciences
The Royal Society of Medicine (UK)
The European Commission
The American Council on Science and Health
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
The American Society for Cell Biology
The American Society for Microbiology
The American Society of Plant Sciences
The International Seed Foundation
The International Society of African Scientists
The Federation of Animal Science Societies
The Society of Toxicology
The French Academy of Science
The Union of German Academies
The Royal Society of London
The US National Academy of Sciences
The Brazilian Academy of Sciences
The Chinese Academy of Sciences
The Indian National Science Academy
The Mexican Academy of Science
Fourteen Science Academies of Italy
The Third World Academy of Sciences

See more details on these studies

The Opposition to Golden Rice
Protest in London
Greepeace started out as a humanitarian group, the David against Goliath.It has now become the establishment, with over $350 million revenue each year, and it characterizes humans as the enemy of the earth. Unlike governments or corporations, they have no accountability for their power. For example, Greenpeace Germany raises up to $100 million annualy, but has only forty voting members, whose identities are kept secret. Those forty wealthy people decide on political and economic strategies which are now prolonging the continued death of millions. This will not stand.

How You Can Help

The most effective way you can help is by making a donation to support travel, media communications, website management and printing.  The more support we have the more pressure we can put on Greenpeace and their allies to change their policy on Golden Rice.

If you live in a city that has a Greenpeace office stop in and tell them personally they should make this exeption, send them an email, or phone them. If you are in the media, spread the story, use Facebook and share this website.

Educate yourself on the issue and discuss it with friends.

Greenpeace has blocked Golden Rice using public pressure, and that is the only way they will be convinced to change their position and make an exception for Golden Rice.